Salvation International's
Adoption Grant Program is on hold until 2015!

Salvation International regularly evaluates our fundraising programs to ensure we are able to provide adoptive-hopeful families with financial assistance. Recent assessments show a significant decrease in charitable giving, while requests to receive have continued to pour in. We have NOT given up! Instead, we have changed our fighting strategy. 

On September 22, 2014, Salvation International launched, an adoption-centered, not-for-profit, crowd funding site. Families interested in obtaining assistance can initiate their own campaign with photos and/or video, free of cost, which they can then market worldwide. Contributors will enjoy a tax deduction, and campaign creator’s adoption agency or attorney will receive the money collected (minus our small operational/processing fee) to put toward adoption costs.

The volunteer team at Salvation International remains dedicated to awarding grants separate from the funds generated by individual campaigns. Several times a year, we will select families who have been active with to receive grants. This money will come from our general fund, which is grown from individual donations and our team’s continued commitment to fundraising.  

As always, we are fueled by the belief that every child deserves a family, and it is our sincere honor to be a part of your adoption journey.