Over the last few months our Board of Directors have been hard at work to create a business plan that is sustainable for the future.  After many meetings and some extremely creative ideas, we're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the first ever adoption-centered, non-profit crowd funding website. 

This forum will be a global billboard for you and other families to share your stories while fundraising through crowd funding. There are several sites in existence geared toward funding money for social causes and to help non-profits. Our site will be different, simply because our focus will be raising money to bring children home to their forever families.

We've been extremely overwhelmed with grant applications that have touched our hearts, from so many great families. Simply put, as a team made up entirely of volunteers, we cannot keep up with the fundraising.

As of today, we are suspending our grant program, however, Salvation International is NOT giving up on assisting families and supporting our belief that every child deserves a forever family.

We plan to have our new website up and running by the end of September and best of yet, IT'S FREE!

If you are as excited about the possibilities of crowd funding as we are, Salvation International invites you to start organizing your portfolio, photos, and videos so you will be prepared to launch your personal campaign. Please stay tuned for more tips and information.

We are overwhelmingly excited and blessed to serve you and the adoption community as a whole!